Costs: $35 per dog per day.

Age: Your puppy or dog can be aged anywhere between 8 weeks of age and 15 years old. Your dog must have had a C5 vaccination.  If you think your puppy or dog can benefit from time at daycare, please call the Dog Education Centre on 60245073.

Time: You can leave your puppy or dog for as long as your require, drop off from as early as 7:50am and pick up any time before 6pm.

Address: 22 South Street Wodonga, Vic, 3690

  • Puppy and Doggy Day Care is a great way to socialize your puppy and dog. Some dog behaviour experts believe that to properly socialize your puppy, it needs to meet 100 new dogs and people before the age of 16 weeks. For the average family, this is nearly impossible. At Daycare, the puppies and dogs get to socialize with a range of different puppies and adult dogs and people.
  • All socializing is monitored by a dog trainer during the day. Why is this important? Every interaction your dog has sets it up for how it behaves in the future. If your dog has a negative experience, this can be detrimental to your dogs psychological health if not handled correctly. Our dog trainers are trained and experienced in dealing with dog to dog interactions.
  • The puppies and dogs get to play games, swim in the pools and sandpits, play with interactive toys and receive training.
  • At the end of each day, your puppy or dog receives a report letting you know how well it has done during the day. If we spot any potential problems arising with your puppy or dog, we will give you homework to help prevent or fix this.
  •  The other added bonus is at the end of the day, your puppy or dog is exhausted so you get a nice quiet night!!
  • To book your spot at daycare, please call the Dog Education Centre on (02) 60245073

To see some of our regular daycare dogs, have a scroll through the slideshow below 🙂