Pictures of the puppies

I couldn’t help it. I took more pictures of the puppies and then the staff were in the firing line!! I had problems getting pictures of Sarah so expect to see a whole section of her soon (unless she gives in and lets me take a picture).

The puppies were adorable yesterday. They ran and ran all day long.

Enjoy 🙂

Briar-Rose kept starting games of chase. This went for almost 2 hours solid!

This is Leah. She is a sweet little puppy. She was the quietest out of the bunch yesterday

It’s a stand off!!! Sorry about the smudge in the top left corner. Leah licked the lense on my camera!

1 second before she licked the lense again!!!

My ear is stuck. The lovely Briar-Rose

Sweet Leah

Little Molly. It was nearly impossible to get a photo of her. She is a little firecracker!

Ruby and Tilly. Just as energetic as Molly only 5 times quicker!

Tug time

Do you think they saw me??

Blurry but she is still gorgeous

Molly goes for the sly attack. Through the back legs and for the throat!! Ruby was loving it 🙂

Haha look at the expression on Tilly’s face!

Now time for the staff. This is the lovely Anthony. One of the vets at Dr Janas.

Dr Ange. She always take that bit of extra time to help out. (and she also has awesome hair)

Beautiful Nadine. This smile is a permanent fixture 🙂

Josh. He is a sweetie.

The head of the whole operation, stunning Dr Jana. She is the one who has given me this amazing opportunity to help grow my business. Thank you!!!!!!

Gorgeous Tara. She is a cute little pixie 🙂

Part of the puppy day care area. We play some water games here.

The front reception area. I love how bright and positive it is. Behind the scenes is just as positive and happy. I’m really happy to be here 🙂

One of the consult rooms


I didn’t manage to get pictures of all the staff so there will be more coming (Sarah that means you)!!


Until next time