A Great Day

Today two fantastic things happened.

Firstly, my Good Manners class graduated. They have been attending the course which goes for 4 weeks and they have all worked their tails off!! Today was the final day and I couldn’t have been prouder of them all. For our final day we practiced our social manners. Visiting vets, shops and a cafe. All of their hard work paid off, the dogs were very well behaved.

Here is a photo of them (minus Lynelle and Jewlz who weren’t feeling well. They will graduate shortly!)



Secondly I ran a very short class for the RSPCA foster carers with the help of the lovely Esther from ADR. They turned up full of enthusiasm and it showed. The dogs and the carers had learned a lot by the time they had finished. Here is a picture of the class.

And these are pictures of the pups that showed up. All of these dogs are available for adoption. Look at those ears!

And these ones!! The first 3 pictures are pups from the same litter.

The third pup

Zera the smiling staffy

Min Min. It was hard to get a picture of her. She didn’t like looking at the camera.

It’s hard work learning obedience!! (Either that or I was very boring) haha!

Meeting each other.

Well that was my very productive day. I got to spend it with some lovely people and very cute dogs.

Happy Days 🙂