Albury Dog Show

This weekend has been very hectic. Albury Border Kennel Club hosted a dog show. There were so many amazing dogs there and just as many beautiful people. I made some very nice new friends.

Because I had no idea what I was doing, I hung around near the ring. It was right up the back and as luck would have it, in the middle of where all the cattle dog owners tents. They were a fantastic bunch of people and gave me so many tips on showing. As a result, Mick won 3 blue ribbons!! YAY!! Don’t ask me what they were for though, I still am clueless about how these things are done.

Here are some pics from both of the days.

Mick unfortunately is a very vocal dog. I’m still learning to work with it as my normal reaction is to shut him up no matter what. Sometimes you have to work with your breed. My little trick that worked well was to shove a pigs ear in his mouth. He still barked but it was muffled!! 

Us running around the ring..

The judge was letting me know what I was doing wrong. Very helpful as I had no idea what I was doing.

Here are some more cattle dog entries…

This was Maureens little girl. She was feeling a little nervous and curling her tongue. She is a beautiful little girl.

Here is Maureen running around. She was so helpful and I learned so much from her today. She is a real sweet heart. While talking to her I found out that she was the breeder of my Nan and Pa’s Cattle Dog Henry.

This is a Norwegian Elkhound.

This is Otto. He belongs to Billie from the kennel club. He is such a handsome fellow. His legs are short but he can RUN! He looks like a speedy rabbit with his white backside bobbing away as he runs.

Gorgeous girl

This is Mick and myself at the end of the day.

Overall I had the best weekend and Mick looks pretty happy with himself too.

Until next time