Anxiety in dogs

Here is a little video of a lovely dog I saw today. He was suffering from anxiety and couldn’t stop spinning. For the first 10 minutes I was at the house, he spun and spun and spun. This behaviour started a few weeks ago and escalated quickly in intensity and severity. He’s lucky he has such wonderful owners who jumped onto it and gave us a call.

In 1 session, we managed to get a calmer dog and this is only just the beginning. He will need further work but his owners are dog savvy and are more than capable of turning this dog into a superstar.

If you are have an anxious dog, give us a call. In the majority of situations we have faced, we have managed to help return anxious dogs back to a calm pet without the use of medication. We believe that medication should be a last resort (with exceptions of course). EVERY dog with anxiety needs behaviour modification training. There is no point in masking the symptoms with medication without addressing the root cause. Medication should assist with the training, it shouldn’t be the only treatment.