Beautiful Skye

Everybody this is Skye. She is a year old. She has had a rough start.

For the first year of her life she has lived in a pen with another dog and had little to no human contact. As a result she was/is terrified of the world and knows nothing about interacting with people.

Several weeks ago two very special people adopted her. For the first week she lived with them they couldn’t get near her. She would sit on the couch outside and when they attempted contact she would run. She wouldn’t eat in front of them and they had to put her food out and then go inside before she would touch it. To get her to come to them they would literally sit on the grass and whimper like a dog.

With a little bit of guidance they have made amazing progress. They are very structured about her routine. She has a walk every night. Dinner at the same time every day. Good firm and consistent rules. And the biggest achievement is that Skye wants to interact with them and other people. She is also attempting play!!

The method we have used is slowly desensitizing her to the world. Little by little they introduce new things to her. As a part of her rehabilitation we have been using my dog Missy. She is helping to teach Sky what it is like to be a normal dog. She helps guide her through her fear.

This week they got her to sit on command. Something that is usually so easy, the rest of us take it for granted. For them this was a massive milestone.

Tonight I got to spend some more time with them. Skye was resting her head on my shoulder and giving me huge kisses. She was also running around like a happy normal young dog. Her true personality is starting to come out and she is a real goofball!!

Without such dedication from her beautiful owners Skye wouldn’t be enjoying her life as much as she is now. They are doing an amazing job with her.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful girl.