Beginners Workshop- Scent Detection

We are thrilled to announce that the fabulous Daniel Mannix from Victorian Dog Training Academy is coming to Albury!

Daniel will be running a scent detection workshop for beginners on the 24th of May 2014. There are only 15 places available and 5 lucky people will be able to bring their dogs! This is a skill that you can practice at home once you have learnt it, so no more excuses for your dog being bored!

To book a spot, please send me an email to [email protected] with your name, number and if you would like to include your dog please include their details. Attending dogs must be dog social and highly driven for food or toy rewards.

Topics include:

Dog selection and breed suitability

Initial odour recognition

Importance of relationship between dog and handler, what kind of relationship should be aspired to in order to create a good working dog

Reasons for drive building and drive suppression, methods to achieve it

Operational handling skills

Factors affection performance

How to recognise and resolve problems in performance

Odour handling and avoiding contamination issues

Training programs

Setting up a successful training session

Shaping an appropriate response to odour

Optimum communication


Also included will be plenty of demonstrations broken down and explained to help you become better at reading behaviour and learn what’s going on in the dog’s minds during work.

The cost of the course is $99 and must be paid to Brydie before the end of April.


Looking forward to this amazing workshop and seeing you all there!!