Carson gets to meet his new owners tomorrow. I am sad and happy. Sad that  he is leaving us, sad that I won’t get my cuddles every day. Mostly I am happy though. I am happy that he has really wonderful new owners. Happy that after almost 2 years of life he finally gets the family that he deserves.

Carson is a wonderful little guy. He is permanently happy. He is slightly goofy. He has some kooky little habits that just crack us up. He gets along with our 3 dogs famously. I love how I went looking for all of the dog toys for days wondering where they were. I was blaming Mick and crazily muttering “I know you buried them all you little bugger, now where are they? After about day 3 something made me look in the crate that Carson has been using. Yep, every single toy was in there. He is a thief!

I love how he has helped turn our yard into his and Missy’s own mud wrestling pit. They spend hours getting filthy, trying every possible wrestling move on each other. Every now and then they look at the window to make sure someone is watching. No point putting on a show with no audience right!

Mostly I love how he will just walk up and put a paw on your knee. It’s his own little way of giving and getting some affection. He knows we can’t resist giving him some love when he asks.

Every dog that comes into our house teaches us a little something. Carson has taught us lots. We will definitely miss him.


Remember to be a good boy for your new humans buddy.

Until next time