About 7 months ago before we got Missy she had pups. She had approximately 14 of them which is a HUGE litter. These pups have been showing up all over the place. Today one of them came to live with us for a while. Her name is Darcie. We picked her up from the pound.

Miss Darcie is going to stay with us while we find her a forever home. When I went to pick her up I walked straight past her cage thinking it was empty. She was hiding under the bed the same way Missy did when she was there. That shyness didn’t last long. She has been at home for a few hours now and she is running the place!

Everyone meet Darcie 🙂


Meeting up again for the first time in months

Darcie wasn’t so sure

Missy was being her normal maternal self. I’ve never met a dog with such a motherly energy

Waiting patiently for her treat

This is about an hour after she arrived at home. We have another toy thief!


She is settling in so well already. Her and Mick are already thick as thieves. Missy is happy to have her here. I’m not sure if she remembers her but I like to think she does. Nuggett is behaving as normal, grumpy that I’ve bought home yet another dog! He will be over it by tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t take long for her to find a happy loving home.

We will keep you updated 🙂

Until next time