Dog of the week

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of communication. We’ve been away on holidays. Back now and ready to get stuck back into work!

Because we were away for the week there are 2 dogs of the week for you.

The first dog is Sheila, a beautiful cattle dog x. You can check out her profile here.  If you are after a loyal, intelligent dog this is the one for you. Cattle dogs are extremely intelligent and she is a little bit older so she is past the silly puppy stage. Here is a picture of her.


The next dog of the week is Angus. Just look at this big fellas face, how cute is he!! You can view his full profile here. Once again, if you are after a dog that is through or mostly through the puppy stage, this is the guy for you.

If you want to see either of these two, give Albury Dog Rescue a call.

Until next time