Good Manners- The Easter Class!!

Anyone that knows me and my style of training knows that I laugh a lot, I tease my class for not doing homework and I will take any opportunity I can to make it fun! (Dog training doesn’t have to be all serious does it?!)

This Saturday we had an Easter class complete with chocolate eggs for the humans and treats for the dogs. But in my usual style, the class had to earn it 🙂 We had egg and spoon races, tunnel ball and games of Simon says! The one thing I’ve discovered about Simon says is that it’s like being God when you are Simon! You can make the class do almost anything!

Please come back next week guys, I promise I’ll behave!!

Here they are playing tunnel ball….with a raw egg!! There were surprisingly little breakages!

Proof that Griffin walks on a loose lead and Cath tells fibs 😉

Check out the attention on this one!

Maria and Scooter showing them how it’s done 🙂

Go Odin!! I have a special spot in my heart for him and Scooter. They were once my foster dogs and I love them both dearly x

The beginning of Simon Says before they all knew what they were in for

Not too bad just yet….

Getting a little more tricky…

Stop smiling Steve, it’s about to get worse!

Look at the expression on Scooters face!

Simon Says “Get on the ground”

Thanks for being such good sports guys!! xx