Graduation and Mutts in May

Hi everyone!

Last weekend was a busy one. On Saturday the Good Manners class graduated. I was so impressed with how far they have come since the first week. Congratulations to everyone! Also, a special little congratulations to Tilly and Buster who had to work that little bit harder 🙂

Straight after graduation we had a whole new Good Manners course starting. They are already showing lots of potential. I can’t wait to see how they go next week!

Then on Sunday we had Mutts in May at Howlong. Rachel and I went along to support Dr Jana for the day and we had so much fun!! It was great to see so many people out and about with their dogs!

Here are some pictures of both the days


The class on their way to Nandos for graduation and a nice hot cuppa.

Maverick, one of the pups in the class. He likes the camera!

Coffee time.

They all passed! Congratulations everyone!!

and now for the pics from Mutts in May. Be prepared….there are a LOT!