Highlights from today’s puppy day care

Have I told you all how much I love my job yet? Because I really do!!

Today I had such a great class! They all got along famously. Here are some highlights

This is Hugo, Dr Janas dog. He isn’t part of puppy day care but he is just so adorable that  I couldn’t help but take his picture. We often have cuddles on his couch.

Play time in the back yard. This is where I throw out lots of toys and the dogs all start playing tug.

Marley claimed this toy and no-one was allowed near it!

And Gizmo is at it again! Here she is practising her ninja skills on Indie. These two had me in hysterics.

Gorgeous Indie 🙂

Gizmo just randomly decided to lay on her back in the middle of the lawn. All the other dogs were doing their own thing elsewhere. She stayed here for a good 2 minutes. I have no idea why.

They all look slightly mad! Ruby, Indie and Gizmo. Note the size difference here…Gizzy has no idea she is a midget 🙂

Like I said….absolutely no idea!!!

Because Marley couldn’t keep up with Gizmo she just lay down and tried to catch her in her mouth as she ran past. It didn’t work.

We finished off the morning with a game of Chase. Missy grabbed the noisy toy and bolted while all the puppies tried to catch her. Missy runs like a greyhound straight out of the box, the little ones had no hope. Until Ruby figured out that it was easier to run straight across the yard and cut her off. Game over.

Until next time.