Hiking on the island

One of my favourite things about having dogs is that they make me get out of the house.  Just recently I have been given access to a big island in between Albury and Wodonga to exercise the dogs. I spend every spare day that I can there. It’s my own little paradise.

I love everything about it there. The fresh air, the birds, the river and even big bull that keeps popping his head up and scaring the daylights of me! You could walk for the whole day and not make it around this place or see another person.

Today Pete and  I went out with Nuggett and Mick for about an hour. Here are some pictures.

This is one of the biggest trees I have ever seen. Its in the middle of the island. It is so quiet and beautiful there.

We found this not far from the big tree. The farmer must be doing some wood work.

This is both of my boys together. Mick is 6 months old and is almost catching up to Nuggett in size. Any chance they get and they will climb up onto things. They love having a high point to check everything out from.

There is an old abandoned dairy on the farm. I told our 7 year old it had ghosts to keep her away from the tin and other sharp objects. Now I get scared walking through there. The dogs love it though.

P.S   I have no idea why Nuggs is walking that way. He is a little strange…

We were near the end of our walk when a heap of kangaroos crossed our path. Nuggett decided it would be great to chase after them. He ran straight through a prickle bush and came back looking like this. It took us a while to brush them all off him.


So this was our activity this Sunday. I think we walked about 5kms. I’m heading out again tomorrow with them. Hopefully with the good camera and I can get some good shots of the paddocks and the big bull.

Until next time