Jaz the pig.

Today I got to train a pig. Have I told you all how much I LOVE my job?

Jaz the pig belongs to a lovely couple just outside of Albury. He is a very social little guy. So far his owners had taught him how to come, sit and drop.

After todays lesson, Jaz could do all of the following





Touch your hand with his nose on command

Go over a jump

Weave through your legs

Put his feet up on a chair and put them back down again; and

Food refusal. Something I never in a million years thought that you could teach a pig.

Seriously this little fella is AMAZING! This was my first attempt at training a pig and I’m very happy with the result.

I even got piggy kisses on my cheek 🙂

Here are some photo’s from today.

Meet Jaz!

Look at the colouring on this guy. He’s a stunner!

The gorgeous boy again

Practicing his sit and paying attention

His fur was surprisingly soft. And he doesn’t smell at all!

Jaz loves to eat yoghurt..

Off a spoon!!

He’s getting a little excited here!

Haha!! Look at the mess!

We took Jax the puppy along. He had no idea what to make of the pig. He ran away a lot!

At the end of the consult. I got to have cuddles and a big sloppy kiss from Jaz.


I’d have to say that today was definitely a highlight in my career. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing job.

Until next time