I just got this cute little story from Masie and her mum Brenda.

Enjoy 🙂



Its Masie and it is my birthday soon, I will be one on February 7, hope Mum has a big birthday celebration organised!

I have been having a great time meeting lots of new friends on my walks including a horse, he is so big but very friendly.  Have two new friends Bundy and Hugo but my best friend is still Leeroy.  Bundy is big but is great to play with just like Leeroy, they let me play with their toys and mouth them but not Hugo, he won’t even let me drink out of his water bowl and growls at me all the time. We do play in the garden but I’m much faster than him and he has to have a rest every now and then as he is not as fit as I am!!  Here is a photo of me and Bundy and Hugo keeping a watch over me in the garden!  And, my very best friend Leeroy.

I am certainly keeping Mum on her toes:

Last Tuesday I was stung by a bee (I think) on my left paw, it really hurt, after I bit and licked my paw Mum thought I was OK so we continued on our walk, but then I threw up and couldn’t walk at all.  Mum carried me home (she said she was pleased I only weigh 8kgs!) and we went in to see our neighbour Jim, who could see how sick I was so we went straight to the vet.  The vet was very nice, said I had an allergic reaction to the sting and gave me two injections and after about half hour I was OK so Jim and Mum took me home. I slept most the day with Mum keeping a close eye on me.

On Thursday, we saw Red dog (she followed us home the week before, found out who her owner was so she was very pleased), I wanted to play and chase her so slipped my collar and was running all over the place, even on the road, not taking any notice of Mum!!!  Red dog’s owner managed to catch me after a lot of game playing – I know I was very naughty and it was dangerous to run on the road. Mum keeps telling me to watch for cars, but I was so excited to see Red again, I forgot!!!!

I got a shell pool for New Year, it is great I hop in to cool off my paws and have a drink, so good in this hot weather.  I’ve stopped helping Mum with the gardening, for the time being – all the plants I liked have now gone, Mum put them in the green bin!!!  But, have great fun when she is watering, love the hose.

Happy New Year to you all, hope you have lots of fun.

Love, Masie xo