I received this little story today from one of my favourite clients.

Enjoy ūüôā

Hi there, this is Masie, you won’t recognise me from my last photos, I am growing up and almost 10 months, weigh¬†just over 8 kgs and am 41cm tall – I have long legs, like my Mum.¬† I love Mum, she takes me to Sumsion Gardens where we usually walk with my friend Missy and her Mum, Brydie, but Missy was not there this week and I looked everywhere for her.¬†I thought she might have been waiting¬†in the dog park for me but she wasn’t there and I was very sad.¬†Mum told me that she had been let out of her yard and was missing for two whole days, I bet she was scared and very pleased when her Mum found her. I know I would be scared and miss my Mum¬†if I was lost.¬† I am looking forward to seeing¬†Missy very soon, love going for walks with her.
I am trying to be good but sometimes it is very hard and I still love to dig in the lawn and have found that shoes and feet are great to play with!! Mum tells me not to and that it is naughty, but I just give her a cute look and do it again, maybe I should stop soon before she gets too angry!!!
I still love to play ball and take all my toys out on the back lawn, so they can have fun too.  I love to play with by best friend Leeroy, a Staffy, he is great, we have lots of fun but sometimes I get a bit feisty if he bites my beard Рnot that I bite him!!!  I have sent you a photo so you can see us playing. AND, I love to go in the car, Mum takes me visiting which is fun as I love to meet new people and dogs.
I help Mum out in the garden, love the broom, rake and running through the garden.  I also bring in the paper every morning, except Saturday, it is a bit heavy for me, so just drag it off the lawn for her.
It is raining today so I have been playing in the puddles and making Mum’s porch muddy and then jumping into bed to get warm – great fun. Mum picked up the ball and I just looked at her – ‘play ball in the wet, don’t think so’!!!!!I
Bye for now,