Mick’s Story

Mick is my 15 week old Cattle Dog. He is my dream dog. I have wanted a well bred Blue Heeler for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t want one with the typical temper that they come with.

While at work I met a guy who bred cattle dogs. My husband and I drove out to his farm to check out some puppies. This breeder had something like 45 cattle dogs and every single one of them was beautiful. Not one had a nasty temperament and he really prides himself on this. The decision was made. I put in the order for the type of puppy that I wanted and bingo…along came Mick.

He is an absolute darling. He is cheeky and he is the most confident puppy I have ever met. I take him to classes to socialise him and his best friends are a Newfoundland and 2 German Shepherds, all 5 times bigger than him. I have big plans for this dog. Stay tuned to see his accomplishments.

He is also the face of my business.