Million Paws Walk

On Sunday I was lucky enough to have a stall at the RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk. It was a great day and I had lots of fun chatting to everyone about their 4 legged friends 🙂

Such a fantastic turnout and I am so proud to be a part of a community where so many people show up to support a worthy cause.

Here are some pictures from the day 🙂

This is our stand at 8am and at about 2 degrees. It was freezing!!

And here are the helpers. Rachel, Jax, Missy and Cush

And here is one of the helpers slacking off!! Yes Pete, I’m looking at you!!

Remember Gizmo from my daycare photos? Well this is her now. She is still adorable!

This is Gizmos big brother Rocco. He is one very cool dude! I love his wonky teeth!

Jax is enjoying the sunshine. It was a cold day for a little puppy.

One of the dogs that dropped past to say hello. What a cutie!

What a happy looking Goldie.

The volunteers from the RSPCA all hard at work

I love this guys drizabone!

I love this guys face. I love how droopy they are, although…..

When they turn too quickly, they look like this!! Haha!! I love this photo!!

This guy is just enjoying the sun and the atmosphere. I love his smile.

Trudi with her two staffys. Diezel on the left and Angel on the right. These two are such characters!

It is nearly impossible to get a shot of Angel. Every time you point the camera at her she turns away.

Diezel has perfected the ‘sad eyes’ to get lots of cuddles.

Sherree giving a kiss to Pepper.

It must have been a good one!

Gorgeous girl

Albury City Council stand

Jax giving me a look that is full of attitude! He’s a cheeky little fella!