Missy at the park

Well we have had Missy now for 6 months and today she had her first trial off lead at the dog park. For anyone who knows Missy this is a huge accomplishment. When I first got her she was very timid. Her tail was permanently between her legs, her back was hunched and she was terrified of everything and everyone. If she did get a chance to be off lead it was away from civilization and it usually ended up with me chasing her in the car. As soon as she had freedom she would panic and run..and run and run and run!

Missy now thinks that people are the best. This has been 6 months of me approaching strangers, putting schmackos in their hands and asking them to give her a treat. Because her fear of men was so great, I used to walk through building sites and ask the builders to feed her. Something that, in the beginning she didn’t cope with at all. She now likes men just as much as women and she LOVES dogs and kids.
She will also now be off lead and her recall is better than any of my other dogs. I can take her to the river and let her off knowing she will return to me without me having to tackle her.

Anyway, I took along the little camera today to share with you her first adventure to the park off lead. It was the perfect day to ease her into it. The park was empty when we first arrived and gradually filled up with about 7 other dogs.

Missy was even retrieving the ball today. Well she was trying to but Mick kept stealing it and taking off.

Look at the size of Missy’s tongue!

Happy girl 🙂

Here is a pic of my little monster. Excuse his dirty teeth, I have no idea what he has been munching on!

Missy even had a go at the agility course. When I first got her she would have been choking herself on the lead trying to get away from this. Objects that she had never seen would terrify her. She is now far more curious about new things and looks to me for guidance if she is feeling worried.

This is what tired looks like! It’s nearly impossible to wear out Mick. This only lasted 5 minutes and then lots of other dogs started to arrive and he was back to his energetic self.

This is one of the friends that they made today. They ran and ran and ran!

After a couple of hours we headed home. Missy is exhausted and is currently snoring…

I’m very proud of my girl. Hopefully we will see you all at the park soon!

Until next time