My boys

Tonight I finally had some time to put some training into my own dogs. The lack of training and exercise they have been getting lately was clearly obvious. No stays beyond 5 seconds and the attention span of a fly!

Anyway, I took my boys down to the training ground and we had a great time. We did about 20 minutes of training and the rest was fun time. They had a blast chasing each other around. As usual I took some photo’s. I don’t go anywhere without my camera these days 🙂


This is Nuggett. He doesn’t get too much exposure on here usually. I’ve had him for almost 10 years now. He is my absolute heart and soul. There is nothing this dog won’t do for me. He trusts me completely.

And here is Mick. My little terror. I love him to bits even when he is driving me up the wall. He is incredibly headstrong and it’s a daily battle of wills. The only opinion he really respects is that of Nuggs and Missy.

On a daily basis Mick annoys Nuggs just to see how far he can push him. He did it again tonight. This is the face they both have when it happens. Nuggett gets angry and Mick almost poops his doggy dacks!

Nuggs is severely atopic. He is allergic to most grasses and plants. I spent a small fortune trying to fix his skin. His favourite thing is to roll in the grass. This creates a lot of work for me :s

He is also all legs and no coordination!

Yep, he did bite his foot mid roll.

I first got Nuggett when he was 5 months old. He was all blue. When he was around 1 he dropped all the blue fur from his legs and this is how he has stayed. Anyone want to take a wild guess at his breed? Blue Cattle Dog crossed with????

This is what starts the arguments. Mick usually nips Nuggs and runs! Little trouble maker!

Mick likes to drink with both front feet in the bucket. When he’s finished he then “digs” all the water out.

and he dribbles…..a lot!

Nuggs just does the single strand…

My little fat boy.

He is just the cutest!!


Well that is all for today. We need to go and practice our obedience again (no camera to distract me this time)!


Until next time