NSW Menacing Dog Laws

Yesterday I was asked to contribute to an article for the Border Mail in regards to the NSW menacing dog laws.

According to the Australian Veterinary Associations report from August 2012, 73 to 81% of dog attacks happen in a domestic environment. The dog is usually the family dog or known to the person. This leaves 19% of attacks happening at large. So, given these figures, muzzling and restraining the dog whilst in public only puts a slight dent in the dog attack figures. An effective law for dramatically reducing attacks and improving community safety? I don’t believe so.

Saying that, it is a responsible decision to restrain and muzzle a dog that has been properly identified as being a danger.

Whilst I do agree with desexing the dog, I would like to make it clear that genetics play a VERY small part in the behaviour of a dog. The current management of the animal is more relevant.
Education, promoting responsible canine guardianship and enforcing efficient legislation is key to reducing dog attacks.

I’d also like to thank the journalist and team for not sensationalising this article. Getting the correct information out there and keeping a level head is important to help lower attacks in the community. Something that myself and my team are very passionate and proactive about.

You can read the Border Mail article, HERE