Our New Addition

Apparently everybody could see this coming except for me.

A few months ago we offered to foster a stumpy tailed cattle dog that was going to be put to sleep. I saw a post on the internet with the most depressing photo saying that no one had claimed this old boy and he was going to be put to sleep in the morning.  In the photo he was facing the wall of the pound and the lady who took it said he wouldn’t turn around. I saw the post at about 10pm and started making calls. The next  day he came to our house.

We named the old guy, Jack. When he arrived, he was depressed, underweight, had a huge hot spot on his groin and was obsessive about drinking water. He was not a happy or healthy camper. There were a lot of disagreements in our house during the first week as Jack refused to get along with anyone. He had shut down.

After a week or so he started to come around. We discovered that Jack can work cattle. He loves to work and is constantly looking for direction, which was incredibly difficult given that we had no idea of the commands he had been given previously. He reminds us of a grumpy old man. He loves his naps in the sun and his afternoon snack and god help anyone that wakes him up! He has a very serious personality but when he decides to have fun, he is hilarious!!

After a few months, his health started to decline. This was a few weeks ago. Pete and I decided to adopt him and let him live out the rest of his days with us. He’s very happy just to plod along with us and do his thing. He has a very unique personality.

Since making that decision, his health has improved again. I swear this old guy is going to live forever!! He fits in so well with us and he loves playing with the other dogs. We are so happy to have him around and can’t remember what our house was like before him.

Here are some pictures of the old fella from today 🙂


He’s happiest when he’s running around in the bush or on the farm

This old boy has had a hard life. I think he has 1 proper tooth left in his head and you can’t see it in this photo but half his lip hangs down from a wound that was never  fixed and it healed funnily.

Telling me to get the damn camera out of his face!

He’s my lovable old dude.

His evil eye again. I kept sending him away and calling him back to try and get a shot of him. He was not impressed.

He loves keeping a watch over things. I often wonder what he is looking for.


Welcome to the family Jack!!