Outstanding Owners- Rusky

Welcome to our new regular blog post called Outstanding Owners. Each month we are going to pick an outstanding owner that goes above and beyond to give their dog the life it deserves and celebrate how damn awesome they are!

So with that, I would like you to meet Maria, Shaun and their dog Rusky. They rescued Rusky from a pound in Sydney and I can say 100%, without hesitation, that if this dog didn’t end up with Shaun and Maria, he would be dead.

You see Rusky had/has some little quirks. He doesn’t care about humans, nor does he care about dogs. He is rude, abrupt, takes things as he pleases and will argue the point with anyone or anything that has a different opinion than him and don’t even think about touching his stuff.  In other words, he’s a jerk. A loveable jerk, but a jerk nonetheless. In fact, when I first met Rusky and he showed me his beautiful pearly whites, I thought to myself “Jesus, what the hell has Maria gone and done”. (Sorry Rusky, I really do love you, mate).

Maria and Shaun have put hundreds of hours of training into this dog to ensure he is a respectable canine. They train him EVERY day. They exercise him EVERY day. They expose him to multiple stimuli and keep asking for improvements from him. They educate themselves, they speak to trainers, they use training services. They give him jobs, they include him in everything they possibly can and ALWAYS try to set him up for success.

This dog is not for the average owner. He would not survive in an ordinary pet home and he would have been destroyed long ago had anyone else owned him. I suspect his quirks is what landed him in doggy jail to begin with.

So with that, I just want to say how proud I am of these two for everything they do for their dog. Not only do they do it, but they do it all with a smile on their faces, a healthy sense of humour and they never give up. Rusky has made them amazing owners and trainers and there is nothing that can stop this team from achieving great things.
They have worked so long and hard that Rusky can now attend daycare and enjoys hanging with the staff and other dogs. You will often see them in the reception area on a Tuesday morning running through their obedience exercises and setting him up for a positive day. If you do see him, please don’t ask for autographs as he still doesn’t care for people or dogs being in his space while on lead and he will tell you to bugger off. This is a-ok as dogs need people to use manners too.

You’re a lucky boy Rusky, your mum and dad are outstanding owners 🙂


f you know an outstanding owner, let us know! Lets celebrate these people and help create more owners like them xx