Pigs and Photoshoots

Last Friday we took Jazz the pig to Wodonga TAFE to have his photo taken. Jazz was on his best behaviour…until he decided to wander off and roll in mud!!

This gorgeous animal is just amazing. Not only does he eat yoghurt and do lots of tricks, he is house trained as well! He had a sleep over at my house on Saturday night and he fit right in with 5 dogs. He slept on a bed in our bedroom and didn’t wake up until we did. He’s very good at letting you know when he needs to go to the toilet! Although he did struggle a little, the dogs were so fascinated they followed him everywhere. Jazz was over it by the end of the weekend.

As a part of his training, we are trying to get him used to large crowds and different environments. So on the weekend, we took him down the street for a coffee. He definitely got lots of attention!! People were doing double-takes!

Anyway, here is a link to a little video of the behind the scenes action at TAFE on Friday. Enjoy 🙂