Play Date

I headed down the park today as Mick had a play date set up with Miss Ruby. They had a fantastic morning and we even managed to sneak in a little bit of training.


It was a cold morning as you can see, Ruby is breathing fog! How cute is she!

This is one of the friends they made at the park. A beautiful little girl who is 8 months old and already very well behaved 🙂


This is Ruby’s mum being a super dog trainer. She is teaching Mick how to walk over the bridge. I told you we snuck in some training…they didn’t even see it coming!

And now Miss Ruby’s turn 🙂

Check this out! We did this by ourselves!

Me teaching Mick how to jump through the hoops.

The only problem with doing training at the off leash park is that you end up with a LOT of friends…It’s the yummy treats I’m using 🙂 By this stage Carson had joined our play date and was having a heap of fun!!

Here he is running around happy as!

And here he is being bitten on the backside!

Action shot of Ruby and her friend. I love how her ears are flying around.


On a serious note, socializing your dog is extremely important. If you properly socialize your dog it is less likely to develop behaviour problems as it grows up. Dogs who aren’t socialized properly may develop fear or aggression when exposed to new things. Try to make your outings as fun as possible and always remain calm around your dog. You are trying to teach your pooch that outings and meeting new people and animals is a fun experience!


Until next time