Reducing Aggression Workshop.

Sunday 17/3/2013 I hosted a workshop run by Canine Services International. It was a hugely successful day with approximately 25 participants ranging from pet owners to compliance officers to RSPCA  and ADR volunteers.

The aim of the day was to educate owners on how and why aggression occurs in a dog, how to recognize the signs of aggression and how to go about beginning to fix it. Everyone including myself took a lot away from the day.

Royal Canin  sponsored the workshop sending out a stack of  goodies which the participants loved (Thank you!!)

A big thank you to Elaine from Tabletop Public School for allowing us to use the grounds for the day. We really appreciate it!

There will be more opportunities to attend days like this as the year goes on 🙂

As usual, I have included a few photos from the day.


The goodies from Royal Canin. How generous are these folks!

Juno. One of the dogs who attended the workshop. She’s a cutie!

Ange and her dog Harvey. He is adorable!

Brad working Jaime Lee and her dog Kodi

Stacey and Ben, members of ADR. Wake up Ben!!! Maria is in her usual position on the ground (she’s a bit of a hippie and we love her) hanging out with Dakota her lovely dog.

Harvey again. I fell a little in love with this guy. He reminds of Eyore off Winnie the Pooh. Such a sad face.

Brad working with Kayleen and her dog Taffy.

Beautiful Tusca with her bat ears!!

The lovely Dakota xx

Most of the crew that attended the event. I missed a couple of people who had to run off a little early. Thanks for coming everyone!!!

Happy Days 🙂