Safety around dogs- Are you educated?

It’s been a very sad few weeks. The amount of dog attacks on both children, adults and dogs has been horrific. This is the reason for this post.

I have been hard at work here planning a safety workshop for a while now and have decided to bring the date forward to the next school holidays. The workshop is aimed at both the children and the parents. Why the parents, you ask?

Well, we have been teaching kids about how to stay safe around dogs for a while now and while this is great, we believe it is vital to teach the parents how to recognize the signs that a dog isn’t comfortable. A quick search on youtube shows all sorts of “cute” videos with children riding dogs around and cuddling them and even jumping on them. The parents are filming this talking about how good their dog is and how it has ‘so much patience’ for the child. When I look at these videos, I don’t see cute. I see a stressed dog showing good bite inhibition for the minute. By teaching parents how to recognize the signs of a dog that is uncomfortable, we are hoping to reduce the number of bites in the family home.

The exact date and location are still TBC but if you are interested in coming along, please send me an email to [email protected] and I will book you in. The cost of the workshop is $25 for an hour for both the parents and children to attend. It will be the best $25 invested if it teaches you even 1 little thing about how to keep your children and your dog/s safe around each other.

We really hope to see you there.


Brydie x