Show Time!

After much convincing from my friends I decided to enter Mick in a dog show this weekend. Dog shows aren’t usually my thing. I’ve never quite understood the whole concept and the fuss surrounding it. But I have to say, I had such a great time! Day 1 was a complete write off. I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect. I kept asking random people where I was supposed to be.

We got into the ring and Micks nose hit the ground and stayed there. Then when the judge walked up Mick decided he didn’t like a strange man trying to look in his mouth and had a bit of a snap. I think that was where we really lost it! Note to self…work on Mick’s manners while being examined!

We were competing against his cousins from the kennel where he was bred and I was so lucky to have Dianne (the breeder) help me after the show. She showed me how it was supposed to be done. So armed with our new found knowledge we went into the ring again today…and WON! We got a blue ribbon and everything!

Mick hit the ring today with his head up, his best little trot on, and I swear he smiled for the judge to show him his teeth. He was a regular little show pony!

Here are some pictures from the day 🙂

Day 1 and Mick is competing against one of his cousins. His cousin won.

Because we did such a bad job and the breeder is lovely, she gave me a lesson after the show. Here she is whipping Mick into shape.

Thanks Dianne!!

Well it’s bed time now for all of us. It’s been a long weekend. We are tired and very happy 🙂

Until next time,