Sunday Photos

Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend.


This is the gorgeous Hugo which a girlfriend of mine rescued. He is such a lovely boy and very clever. He can also jump about 10ft in the air!!

Casidhe and Missy having a cuddle by the fire. This dog would cuddle all day if you let her.

I love her ears!!

This is my boy Nuggett having a rest. It’s a hard life being an old dog. These days he is content just to lie around and take everything in.      I  love that he is getting older and more settled but it also breaks my heart to see him age. He has arthritis now and gets a bit grumpy from the pain. His medication is working though so fingers crossed it will help him for a long time yet.

I tried to get a decent photo of Mick and Carson but the rain has sent them loopy! They haven’t been getting as much exercise and they were bouncing around like madmen. I will get some up of them soon.


I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!


Until next time