The hot weather is here!

Well Summer has well and truly arrived! We have an expected top of 39 degrees in Albury today. Great airconditioning weather!

Dogs, just like us, feel the heat. There are some things you can do to help your dog feel more comfortable in the warmer weather.

Leave lots of fresh cool water out for your dog in the shade.

Make sure your dog has a nice shady cool area it can escape to in the heat.

Don’t exercise your dog in the middle of the day. Heat stroke is a killer.

Never EVER leave your dog in the car. Even with the windows open, temperatures rise quickly and your dog could die within minutes.

Give your dog a pool. The shell pools designed for kids are only $18! This way your dog can cool off as soon he/she gets too hot.

Bring your dog inside in the airconditioning! We get to enjoy it and your pets should too 🙂

Fill a kong with treats and wet food and freeze it. Or alternatively give them a frozen bone. It’s a nice cool treat on a hot day 🙂

Most importantly, if your dog looks like it’s starting to suffer from heat stroke, get them to the vets as soon as possible.

Below is a picture of Nuggs enjoying the new pool that we bought our dogs for Christmas.

Happy Summer Everyone!!