The importance of good nutrition

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am incredibly strict with food for my dogs. It’s one of the things I am most passionate about.

Food is such an important part of your dogs health and behaviour. I believe if you want a healthy stable dog you need to be feeding him quality food.

A lot of foods are not made with quality ingredients and are cereal based which overall, are not good for your dogs health. It’s like feeding your children nothing but take-away food. You might get away with doing it for a while but eventually your child is not going to be healthy or well behaved.

So when it comes to feeding your dog, choose a premium food if you can. They are quite expensive but the health and behaviour benefits far outweigh the cost. Also with the premium foods you feed them a smaller amount because their body uses most of what they eat. In the cheaper brands you will find that most of the food comes out their backsides.

So in buying a premium food the benefits you will see are:

Improved Skin and Coat, their coat will be soft and super shiny!
Better Oral Health
Better Behaviour
Less Waste (which means less to pick up, or mow over!!)
Less Health Problems
A better immune system
Improved digestive health
Saying this, I can understand that premium foods are too expensive for some pet owners. So I suggest instead of buying a cheaper brand of dog food, try putting your dog on a raw food diet. A lot of these diets you can google. They are intended to mimic the diet your dog would have if he were out in the wild. They work out to be quite cheap and you just need to be organised in preparing them!

Until next time