The puppy professional!!

As most of you may know by now, I’m having a baby in a couple of months. To make sure everyone keeps receiving the help they need, I have sourced two wonderful contractors to take over while I have a short break.

This one below is Kat the wonder woman with super dog Louie.  The other one will be having an introduction when I can pin her down. I think she has an allergy to photographs!

Both ladies practice balanced dog training and you will receive nothing but the best service from them. As per usual, we will also be referring to Canine Services International  for special cases.

Kats biggest strength is puppy training. She will be taking over the daycare program at Dr Janas and running puppy preschool. She has a natural talent for working with the young ones and helping them progress.

All bookings will still be made through myself so keep the emails and phone calls coming!!



“I have always been a dog lover but my passion for dog training started when I got my first puppy Briar Rose, a German Shepherd. I quickly realised how a puppy is just like a blank canvas and I was lucky enough to have the chance to turn this little fluff ball into a truly amazing creature.

I undertook 2 year course and took any other opportunity to attend seminars to further my knowledge about dog behaviour and training methods.

My main focus is setting your dog up for success, this means starting young so a majority of the work I do is with puppies and younger dogs. I believe in a balanced approach to training.”