Time for a new dog?

For all of you out there who are considering getting a new dog, I’m urging you to look at the local pounds and rescue groups first. There are so many great dogs there that desperately need homes.

There is such a misconception that if you go to a rescue organization you are buying ‘someone elses problem’. Often these dogs are perfectly fine and the only reason they are there is because their owners didn’t have the time for them anymore. Sometimes they will have a little problem like pulling on the lead or digging in the garden. But honestly, if you get a puppy you are going to get these things anyway! No dog is going to come home with perfect behaviour.

If you adopt a dog from a rescue organisation you will find that it comes vaccinated, desexed, microchipped, registered, wormed and flea treated. How fantastic is that!

Albury Dog Rescue currently have a lot of fantastic dogs that are ready for adoption. The carers are putting a lot of time and effort into the dogs so they come to you happy and balanced. If you choose to go down this path you are not only getting a new best friend but you are also saving a life.


This was our girl Missy while she was in the pound. This was her last day there. She was terrified, miserable and malnourished, but behind it we saw the potential in her. She now balances out the 4 dogs in our house. She was originally supposed to come to us for rehabilitation and re-homing but we couldn’t imagine our house without her in it. She is definitely here to stay 🙂

This is Missy now. She has put on a lot of weight and gained a lot of confidence. She makes us smile every day and knowing that we gave her a chance at life is so satisfying.

You too could have your own ‘Missy’.

Until next time