Time for a new home

Well the time has come to find Darcie her new forever home. She is an amazing little girl and will make someone very happy.

When Darcie first came into my care she was a scared little thing. She would hide herself behind the couch and if there was any unexpected noise she would almost jump out of her skin.

Today Darcie is a lot more confident. She is happy to socialize with new people and new dogs. Her recall is amazing and she has fantastic house manners. Darcie loves her toys and sometimes she stacks them up and sleeps in the middle of them. She has also been known to fall asleep with toys in her mouth.

Her best friend is Mick. They are thick as thieves. At night when its time to call the dogs in, if Darcie is taking too long Mick will go and get her. They wrestle for most of the day. He is a large part of why she is much more confident now. Mick is scared of nothing and often gets her to tag along on his adventures at the island.

I have Darcies mother at my house and they are mirror images (behaviour wise) so we have a fair idea of how she will turn out long term.

Darcie has all of her basic commands down. She comes, sits, stays, fetches and touches your hand on command. She is very eager to learn and to make her owner happy. She is a trainers dream 🙂

Darcie is incredibly gentle. She will fit into most families.

If you know of anyone that can give my little girl a home please get in contact with me 0416 632 588.