Today’s Class

Today I held a class in my front yard for Albury Dog Rescue foster carers.

We ran through the basics and they learned a fun game to play which teaches your dog 4 basic commands. Overall they were the perfect class and I was very impressed with how well they all responded.

Below are some photos of the dogs, 2 of which are still up for adoption! So if you are in the market for a new dog, think about adopting from these people. They do such great work for our doggie community.

Thank you to the lovely ladies, Sandy, Esther and Kim for coming to class today. It was a pleasure to meet you all. Keep up the good work!

(I’ve also been told I have to thank my husband for making coffees for the ladies)!

This is Carson, a beautiful little guy. He has been in foster care for a little while now and I really don’t understand why. He has beautiful manners and he is STUNNING. Carson is also very eager to please which makes him a dream to train. To view his complete profile click here

The next dog is Flayme. He is a gorgeous boy who is so excited by life. His lovely carer is putting so much time and effort into him so he will come to you a trained dog. For those people who are wondering what is across his nose, this is a halti. It is a training aid for walking. As soon as we popped this on him he was walking like a dream. You can check out his profile here.


This next boy is called Oscar. He has found himself a new forever home as of next week. What a beautiful boy he is. We are wishing him all the luck in the world with his new family.


I hope to be holding another training session soon for all foster carers. If you are interested please email me through the contact section of this website or give me a call.

Until next time