Wodonga Tafe

Last Friday I was lucky to be able to give a talk at Wodonga Tafe along with 3 of my dogs and Rachels little puppy Jax. My poor old dog Nuggs who was lined up originally to do the talk had an accident and took a chip out of a bone in his leg, so he was laid up on the couch with a splint on.

The talk was given to the photography students and afterwards they got the chance to practice taking action shots. So far the results have been amazing!

Following are some shots from Greybox Images, I am in love with these pictures! Here is a link if you wish to check out any more of their work Greybox Images


Jax- practicing looking innocent. He’s not!

Mick taking the teachers sock off. I’m pretty sure he was worried about losing a toe!

Hamming it up for the cameras

This is Jack. He’s our foster dog. Love this fella to pieces. He is so old and crusty but has the BEST personality. He’s available for adoption, so if you are interested, give me a buzz 🙂

Jax getting in the Christmas spirit just a touch too early

It was a big day for the little guy. He handled it very well though.

Such a cute little guy

Taking a break and starting to think of his next naughty plan….

Pretty sure this is when he figured it out!

Mick is not a jumper. He will do anything he can to avoid it.

My Missy girl. She loves to jump. Everything she does, she likes to exaggerate 🙂


I hope you have enjoyed the pictures. Hopefully lots more will be coming in!!

If you would like to book myself for a talk or demonstration with the dogs, please give me a call or send me an email through the ‘contact’ section of the website.

Happy Days 🙂