Your stories

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a bit slack with updating the site but I have a few more new things on here for you now.

Check out the lovely Indi’s story here, Gloria has put a lot of time and effort into this beautiful girl and she should be proud.

Also, I have added a few more breed profiles for you to check out. Thank you to all the lovely people down at the dog park last week who let me take photo’s of their dogs for this site. They haveĀ  come up a treat.


On another note, we had a lovely long weekend. It was great to have 3 days just to get everything done around the house and spend time with the dogs.

We decided to play a game of fetch with them

Missy and Nuggett got excited straight away, Look at the concentration on their faces

Nuggett always gets the ball first

Then he usually drops it and Missy takes off with it and does this

It takes a while to wrestle it off her. In the meantime, Mick knows he will never reach the ball before the big dogs so he does this to get my attention..

And then this….

He is such a naughty little guy. But with a face as cute as his I just can’t stay mad.

While all of this is happening, Nuggs and Missy are hanging out patiently waiting for my attention to return to the game.

We stayed in the garden for ages playing and having a great time. But I think my favourite part was the rest time afterwards. This is the 3 of them resting in front of the fire. Nuggett refuses to lie too close to the othersĀ  in case they touch him. He’s a bit funny like that.

Until next time