December 10, 2015

Is your dog pulling on the lead?
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In life there is a thing called opposition reflex. It’s a natural reflex to resist pressure. If I push you, you will automatically lean into this pressure to steady yourself. If I pull on your arm, you will pull back in the opposite direction. When training your dog you can use opposition reflex to your

May 11, 2015

Dog Health, Free Dog Training

VACCINATIONS Vaccinations are essential when it comes to your the care of your dog. C3- Covers the 3 main infectious diseases. Parvovirus, Hepatitis and Canine Distemper. C5- You will need this to book into boarding kennels. This covers the 3 main diseases plus 2 strains of kennel cough. Your puppy will need her first injection

May 11, 2015

Starting out
Free Dog Training, Hints and Tips

Trying to train and your dog can’t muster the enthusiasm to join you? Or is your dog just too distracted to listen?   When training, you want to set your dog up for success.   Start your training in a LOW distraction environment using HIGH value treats.   Don’t use your everyday dry kibble, your