Vaccinations are essential when it comes to your the care of your dog.

C3- Covers the 3 main infectious diseases. Parvovirus, Hepatitis and Canine Distemper.

C5- You will need this to book into boarding kennels. This covers the 3 main diseases plus 2 strains of kennel cough.

Your puppy will need her first injection at 6-8 weeks. Her booster will be due at 10-12 weeks. She will then require a booster every year on her birthday.


Intestinal Worms– Your dog will need to be treated for intestinal worms  every 3 months for the rest of her life after 6 months of age. Up until 6 months she will need to be wormed every month.

Heartworm– this is different to intestinal worms. It is transmitted by mosquitos. For those of you in the warmer climates, it is essential that you use preventative treatment. I have found the most cost effective and easiest way to prevent heartworm is to use the yearly injection.

Speak to your vet about heartworm injection regimes for pups under 12 months of age.


There are many different flea treatments on the market. In our house, we use the spot on treatments once a month. It’s convenient and easy to use.