Hiring a dog walker

When choosing a dog walker, be sure you pick the right one.

Your chosen person should have your dog on lead at all times unless in in a securely fenced area.

A responsible carer will NEVER let your dog run free even if they believed the dog would come back. Accidents happens and they shouldn’t be taking that chance with your dog.

They should be walking your dog in the cooler parts of the day during warmer weather to avoid heat stroke. They should also be carrying water for your dog.


Your dog shouldn’t be walking in longer grass. Snakes and grass seeds anyone?

Dog off lead areas are also a no go. They can’t guarantee the temperament of every dog in that park and once again, you don’t want an accident happening with your dog.

Your walker should know and be obeying local dog laws.

They should also be working to improve your dogs lead manners. If you’ve been training your dog to walk on a loose lead, they need to do this as well. Your dog needs consistency to keep new habits.

Do your research before you hire somebody. You only get one dog and only the best care for your dog should do.