New Puppy Checklist

Choosing the right puppy is essential for a long and happy life together. Dogs can live for up to 20 years so you want to make sure that your decision is the right one..

Bringing home a new puppy is very exciting. Before you do. There are a few things you need to do to prepare for his/her arrival.

I have put together a brief checklist of things you will need to think about. I would suggest printing it and ticking them off as they have been done 🙂 They are in no particular order.

  1. Do you have the right bedding?
  2. Have you chosen a place for your puppy to sleep?
  3. Do you have a trusted vet?
  4. Are your fences secure?
  5. Have you checked for poisonous plants in your yard?
  6. Have you discussed the rules for the puppy with the whole family?
  7. Do you have a trusted dog trainer to help with your basic obedience?
  8. Have you checked for sharp/ hazardous objects in your yard and around your house?
  9. If your puppy is going to live inside, are you going to crate train them?
  10. Have you got a plan for the puppy for when you are at work?
  11. And the biggest ones. Do you have the time and money for this addition to the family? It is at least a 10 year commitment to another life. This includes the regular and unexpected vet work that your dog may need.
  12. Have you chosen a good food for your puppy to be raised on?
  13. Do you have a selection of toys including interactive ones to prevent boredom?
  14. Do you have the appropriate leads, collars and bowls?