Toilet training your puppy

Toilet Training is one of the first things that you need to teach your puppy. Start this training immediately. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for your puppy to settle in first. Remember, start out how you intend to finish and make the process easier for you and for your puppy to learn.

Here are some tips to help you successfully toilet train your puppy.

  • Always supervise your puppy. Lack of supervision is one of the reasons many people struggle to toilet train their pup. When you aren’t actively engaged with your puppy,- playing, training etc-  put them into their pen, crate or outside with an activity.
  • Crate training your puppy can help you toilet train your puppy quicker. Puppies don’t like to toilet where they eat or sleep. Confining them to a smaller area helps you control where they go. Crating your puppy should be a positive experience.
  • Be consistent. If you are having a lazy day, put your puppy outside with something to do.
  • If your puppy has an accident, clean the area thoroughly with an appropriate cleaner. Left over residue encourages your puppy to return to the same spot to toilet.
  • Your new puppies bladder is very small. Take your puppy to the toilet every half an hour. When doing this, take your puppy to the same spot and reward for toileting.
  • We don’t recommend puppy pads as we have found they encourage your puppy to toilet inside. When the pads are taken away, they will toilet on the nearest thing that looks like a pad e.g., your bathroom mat, clothes left on the floor, towels etc. We want to encourage them to toilet outside from day 1.

Take your puppy to the toilet immediately following:

  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Playing
  • Training


Never scold your puppy for an accident. This will only encourage sneaky toiling behaviour. You may find that your puppy will toilet when you aren’t looking in a different room.

Don’t leave a new puppy that hasn’t been toilet trained unsupervised in the house. You are only setting your puppy up to fail and increase the time it takes to toilet train them.