Training that suits your dog

Imagine if your child was failing at school and the teacher told you that every kid learns the same way and their method is the only one that works and therefore the issue is with your child.

What if the teacher told you that it’s because there are some kids that just can’t be taught.

Would you be offended?
Would you think that the teacher should take into account the individual needs and ability of each child?

Would you want your child in that environment?

Would you want somebody to take the time and discover how your child ticks and the best way to teach them to help them flourish?


Using one teaching method for a child is not acceptable or realistic and the same goes for your dog.


If your trainer tells you there is only one way of training, run.


If your dog is having problems, your trainer should be looking into every available option to help you and your dog. Any trainer that doesn’t, isn’t considering the needs of you and your dog as their first priority.