Puppies bite or mouth as a form of communication. All puppies ‘mouth’ and it’s up to you to teach them bite inhibition.
Just because your puppy bites, this does not mean that your puppy is aggressive.  However,  we do need to teach our puppy that teeth are never allowed to touch a humans skin.

Here are some steps to take to help teach your puppy not to mouth.

  • When your puppy ‘mouths’  you, let out a loud, sharp “NO” and move yourself away from your puppy giving it no attention or eye contact.
  • Ignore your puppy after this behaviour occurs. They need to learn that performing this behaviour has consequences.
  • If necessary, use a correction to make this behaviour undesirable. Remember that if you are going to use a correction, you need to give it in context and not from an angry place. The point needs to be made that mouthing isn’t an acceptable behaviour but should never be abusive.
  • Tone down the play level. The more excited and hyperactive you are while playing with your puppy the more likely they are to use their teeth.
  • All friends and family should be encouraged to do the same. Remember, dogs learn through consistency.
  • DO NOT Alpha roll your puppy.
  • If none of the above steps work, contact your dog trainer and get them to show you how to effectively stop puppy mouthing.