Sound Proof Puppy Training

Sound Proof Puppy Training is a puppy essential. For only $4.99 on both the App Store and Google Play this is the ultimate app for getting your puppy used to sounds. It also has a new vibration feature that gets your puppy used to the feel of grooming!
We highly recommend that every dog owner purchases this app.

Here is the description written by the amazing creator of this app, Amy Smith.

“Have you ever wondered why some dogs are so calm around noisy environments, while others look nervous and stressed? There are many loud, new and unusual sounds a dog must get used to as a domestic pet or working dog.

Dogs are born deaf and they don’t hear until 3 weeks of age. Puppies aged 3 – 16 weeks are in their ‘Sensitive Phase Period’. It is essential to expose your puppy to their new environment during this developmental phase.

Training our dogs to be comfortable with sound is essential to having a calm, well adjusted dog. As new puppy owners you can start this training from 8 weeks of age.

If every puppy was conditioned to a range of sounds during their ‘Sensitive Phase Period’ we would see huge improvements in fear related behaviours.

After teaching puppy class for several years I needed a way to assist clients to get their puppies comfortable around environmental noise. So I wrote this app.”

sound proof puppy training


MSK Green

These guys have put together an amazing online dog training program. They took a pup and for one year, raised it and showed you how to train your dog exactly like theirs. It shows real results, is super easy to follow and everybody can use it. There are plenty of new skills both in writing and and on video. If you are time poor and would like to run through a training program on your own time, then this program is for you.
The best part is we have partnered with them to offer you a fantastic deal!! If you enter the code BCDT you will receive 10% off the cost of the program which is already a ridiculously low price of $99!!

Check out their website HERE, you wont’ be disappointed!!