December 10, 2015

Is your dog pulling on the lead?
Free Dog Training

In life there is a thing called opposition reflex. It’s a natural reflex to resist pressure. If I push you, you will automatically lean into this pressure to steady yourself. If I pull on your arm, you will pull back in the opposite direction. When training your dog you can use opposition reflex to your

October 15, 2015

Dog Bite Prevention Workshop

*KID SAFE WORKSHOP* DATE: Tuesday the 10th of November TIME: 6.15pm – 7:30pm LOCATION: Dog Education Centre, 22 South Street Wodonga BOOKINGS: 0416632588 COST: $40 So often there are reports of attacks on children by dogs in the media. A lot of these times you will here the phrase “The dog just turned” and “There...


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May 24, 2015

Dog Training

Today I’ve decided to address some common myths around dogs and behaviour. If you would like me to bust or verify a myth, please let me know!! MYTH: Giving dogs raw meat will make them aggressive and cause them to attack. FACT:  Giving a dog raw meat will NOT make them aggressive. For a dog to

May 22, 2015

New Website

Welcome, I hope you are all enjoying the new website!! Remember, I’m completely open to suggestions so if you want something on this website, just ask! If I can make it happen and it will improve your quality of life with your dog, I’ll do it 🙂 It’s been a massive few weeks here at