May 11, 2015

Dog Bite Prevention
Free Dog Training, Hints and Tips

Dog’s don’t speak English and they never will. Because of this, we need to learn their language and understand what they are saying to us. Most of our dogs communication come through their body language. While reading the following information, please keep in mind that canine body language needs to be read in context of

April 7, 2015

Mans Best Friend- April

This month we are giving 20 cents from each sale of our dog training app to Wodonga Dog Rescue. You can visit their website HERE or  their facebook page HERE. Make sure you check out the links because they have some seriously adorable animals available for adoption. All dogs and cats come desexed, vaccinated, registered and

March 9, 2015

Lets talk about dog bites.

This morning I was doing my usual reading online about dogs, dog issues, new training suggestions etc and I came across something that made me mad, really mad. I was reading an article suggesting that no dog is safe and people were using the comments as a means to voice their opinion. I couldn’t stop shaking