Todds Tasty Treats

We are proudly sponsored by Todd’s Tasty Treats who are a locally owned business based in Albury, Australia.

Di and Allan have been running the shop for several years now and they are a wonderful source of information when it comes to diet.

As you know, we are a big advocate of raw feeding and it’s because of this shop that we are able to do it conveniently and cost effectively. Not only do they provide amazing raw food and advice, they also sell lots of other pet products.

Please visit their website HERE or their facebook page HERE and show your support.

Here is a short blurb written by them.

“Todd’s Tasty Treats was created out of a desire to give our ‘boys’ a natural healthy diet that didn’t consist of highly processed, preservative filled food and one that didn’t contain a heap of cheap and nasty fillers. We wanted what was best for them!
What we discovered early on was that raw food is what nature intended, it’s what our dogs and cats were designed to eat. ‘Dogs weren’t born with a frypan’ so why did we feel that we needed to cook up a gastronomical delight just to keep Rover or Felix happy!
It was at this time that we opened our retail outlet and commenced stocking the shelves/freezers
with natural healthy food, meaty bones and treats.
What surprised us was the feedback that we started receiving from customers, ie reports of glossy coats, reduction of allergies and itchiness,healthier weight, no bad breath, smaller stools andlovely white teeth to name a few.
Over the years we researched, created, produced and/or fine-tuned the products that we sold
and/or manufactured. We’re always on the lookout for new products that will further enhance the wellbeing of our pets and are continually looking at ways to improve on what we do so that you, thepet owner, can be confident in the knowledge that you will be receiving quality products and helpful information each and every time you visit.
As Hippocrates so eloquently put it – ‘Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’
Can you afford to NOT make the change?”