Bec, Damien and Jax

Brydie, Just a short note to thank you so much for your absolute dedication & professionalism – in Rain, Hail & Shine! Your passion for the welfare & training of animals is a true inspiration & is certainly your point of difference – your effort & services exceed all expectations of a “dog trainer”.

After making the commitment to have a Border collie pup, we knew we would have to provide him with a lot of training & exercise, you gave us so many fantastic tips & guided us through his continued development & behaviour changes. We gained so much from the 4 week Good Manners Course & so did Jax!! It has made a huge difference to all of us, he is such an amazing, happy, settled little pup, thanks to you, your training methods & guidance.
Sending Jax to Puppy Day care with you at Dr Jana’s has been invaluable for Jax as he is able to socialise, be entertained & the same training used at home was re-inforced & strengthened; We look forward to continuing this service as long as we are able, as it is certainly a worthwhile investment. It has fixed any bad habits he was developing & has made him such a sociable pup & a joy to take out & interact with people & other dogs of all breeds, sizes & ages.
Thanks to Brydie Charlesworth Dog Training we now have a great relationship & understanding of our new much loved friend & family member Jax. We will have no hesitation at all in passing on your details with our high recommendations to anyone. Thanks again Brydie, keep up the amazing work!”
-Bec, Damo & Jax 20/12/2012